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Lonpos Lover, have you lost your instruction booklet?

The easiest way to get a soft copy of the instructions is to click on the following pdf links.

Alternatively, you can go through the above 'add to cart' process (free of charge).

We don't ask our Lonpos Lovers for much in return ... perhaps just a 'like', 'share', comment or photo of you solving a Lonpos challenge on our Facebook page!

Lonpos 101 - Compact Challenge

Lonpos 101 Compact Challenge instructions

Lonpos Cosmic Challenge

Lonpos Cosmic Creature Cosmic Challenge instructions

Lonpos Mini Challenge

Lonpos Mini Challenge instructions

 Lonpos Mini Coco Cross

 Lonpos Mini Coco Cross instructions

 Lonpos 202 - Challenge

Lonpos 202 Challenge instructions


Customer feedback:
"Games arrived yesterday, just a quick message to say thank you so much for a truly perfect shopping experience, it was a nice surprise to have a personalised card from you in the package.  I have been a Lonpos addict for about six years now and having two new games will really give the grey matter a decent workout!  Thanks once again."

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