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Perfect game if you're on a Lonpos roll!

The newest game in the Lonpos range.

This compact sized game offers a different concept to the other games in the Lonpos range ... but is just as challenging and fun!

  • The game comes with a small game case, 2 game pieces (red and blue) and 24 cards offering 48 challenges.

  • Begin using the easier red piece.  Choose an easy red challenge card and place it under the clear cover of the game case.

  • Place the red piece in the start position as indicated on the card.  Roll the piece until it matches the finish position as indicated on the card.

  • You must also aim to complete the challenge within the designated number of moves as stated on the card.

  • Write the moves you took onto the solution page provided.

  • Move onto a harder challenge.

  • Most people will begin to get a little tested at about challenge number 12.

  • Once you've completed the 18 red challenges, move onto the blue challenges using the blue piece.

  • The same process applies, roll the blue piece from the start to the finish position within the specified number of moves as indicated on the challenge card you've selected.

  • Again, you might find you breeze through challenges 19, 20, 21 and 22 ... but you might find challenges 23 - 48 a little more difficult!

  • Due to the various levels of difficulty provided by the challenge cards, like the other Lonpos games, Coco Cross Mini is also suitable for a wide range of ages, from 6 (3+ with supervision) to adult.

Customer feedback:

"The quality of the blocks is amazing, I love that they have small weights inside to reinforce the  tactile and even auditive experience of the game. I must say that ... the cards (are) very good.  Finally and most importantly, the game is really fun to play. The red block levels are fairly simple but I enjoyed trying to find the restricted steps solution. Blue levels are really interesting. For me they start being challenging from #29. I will need some time to master every level up to 48."

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