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We had total delivery success!  Thank you so much. Ross was so excited by it!  And the kids too.  :)  The game has had a good go already this afternoon!  Thanks for all your effort to get it to us today and for your lovely well wishes card! :)

I would really love to purchase the Cosmic Challenge ... my friend showed me the game this week and I am hooked!


We just love the Lonpos puzzles.  They are well designed and really good quality. All the family enjoy playing them from age 5 to 85 years. The Cosmic Creatures kept the children happy for hours working through all the challenges and my 9 year old son loves the 3D pyramid puzzle.

New Zealand

I have an 11 year old boy who will be very excited to get it for his 12th birthday.  He was around at someone else's place who had one and he has wanted it ever since!  

My kids are obsessed!   Now all the mums at school want one so I have had to do another order! 

Games arrived yesterday, just a quick message to say thank you so much for a truly perfect shopping experience, it was a nice surprise to have a personalised card from you in the package.  I have been a Lonpos addict for about six years now and having two new games will really give the grey matter a decent workout!  Thanks once again.
New Zealand

My son has this game at school and we went halves to buy it…he rarely hands over his pocket money so it must be good!
South Australia

"Hooray! Someone who sells spare pieces! I love this game for my students - it really challenges their problem solving and spatial awareness, but it doesn't work so well when you have missing pieces!"
New Zealand - Teacher

Thank you for your replies and your very prompt sending of the items, couldn’t believe how quickly they arrived! I have had a few of the “Compact Challenge” boxes in my class for a few years and some of the kids really enjoy them. Now that I have a few more though, I can set it up as a fun activity for a group at a time. I may have to order some more of the Mini Challenge at some stage ... can see some eyes lighting up when they spot them….(have them out on a puzzle table, kids can access them any spare time).

We love this game!  Bought it for the kids but I think my husband and I have more fun!

Love these games and so do our kids.

Our Lonpos Puzzle Game is so much fun and a challenge too that I've ordered more for the families.

Brilliant puzzle. I am busy with number 81!

I have received the package. Thanks for the quick delivery. Can't wait for the kids to try the game out.

Thanks so much Kate, we love this game and they make terrific presents!

I have used the Lonpos puzzles before and they are usually used as a one-off fun lesson as well as rewards for finishing early.  It is great to see such a range and I will use them in a class in the next few days.  I had not considered using them as prizes – great suggestion!
Director of Teaching and Learning, Guilford Young College, Tasmania

Thank you Kate for your excellent follow-up including a photo of my packaged game, and your inquiry about the satisfaction of my game play!  I have never had such service from an online purchase before!

I've taken my 2 games to school a bit this year just to show people - they've actually been really popular. In fact, I'm going to an 18th birthday party tomorrow, and I have been specifically asked to bring Coco Cross!

Coco Cross Mini Feedback
The quality of the blocks is amazing, I love that they have small weights inside to reinforce the tactile and even auditive experience of the game.  I must say that ... the cards (are) very good.  Finally and most importantly, the game is really fun to play. The red block levels are fairly simple but I enjoyed trying to find the restricted steps solution. Blue levels are really interesting. For me they start being challenging from #29. I will need some time to master every level up to #48.  Thanks ... for distributing such good games!

Very pleased to find you as a resource for replacement pieces for these puzzles.
South Australia

My sincere thanks for all you did to ensure that we received our purchase in time for Christmas. I really appreciated you re-sending the item express post and for your concern to follow-up to ensure that the parcel was received.

We did indeed receive the puzzle Christmas Eve and my 11 year old son was very excited to receive this gift for Christmas. At the end of the day he came and told me that this was one of his top two presents (he could not decide out of the two). He has another Lonpos puzzle which he bought a number of years ago and it has brought many, many hours of enjoyment, I have no doubt that this puzzle will also be used and treasured for many years.

Thanks again for your excellent service - above and beyond.
South Australia

I have all of the Lonpos games (collected over the past 25 years !!!!!) Yes I am an avid puzzle player/collector and its always a treasure hunt to find the latest Lonpos games, since they are not really easily available in Canada, so as soon as I found out the the Coco Cross had a mini version, I searched and searched over the web, to realise that the only place that I could buy one, was from your website ! :-)  I am happy with the transaction and I am looking forward to receiving the Mini Coco Cross game!

Since the first time I loved the originality of the 202 game and the quality of the plastic pieces and the case.  I like to solve the puzzles in my head without the trial and error phase because it helps me develop "visual memory".  I can't wait to try Coco Cross!

We've had the Lonpos 101 for around 6 years and we love it!  
Now based in Florida

We have played the 101 puzzle for a few years now and now my youngest child is keen to get started! 

Thank you so much!  Lonpos is a super game and a super present!
Anne B

My 27 year old Michael is hooked!

Could you please tell me where I can buy Lonpos in Perth WA? I played one of them at a friend's house and I am hooked!  (Games were posted to Jules)!

I really enjoyed the game I got for myself so I'm ordering another one for a birthday in February.

Just letting you know that the order arrived today. I didn't tell my daughter I was ordering it so she was thrilled to get it. She is working on it as I type this. My 4yr old is looking on and learning too.

My daughter, who is 8, was doing your Lonpos Compact Challenge 101 at a friends house and loved it!

There are so many possibilities to play with.  I've been solving challenges since xmas 2010!  It has never left my desk!
Lonpos Australia Facebook Site

We have had our Lonpos for about 6 years now and enjoy the challenge everytime we pick it up.  Mum and Dad were visiting so we showed it to them. They of course got hooked and that is who we have bought it for.  They can't put it down.  Thanks heaps!

Thanks!  In my mailbox when I got home from work tonight. I have opened one and quickly packed it away again before I lose the rest of the evening on it!  Both my friends (with 3kids) go overseas at the end of next week, so they have arrived in plenty of time for me to pass on.  Thanks again, I know my 6, nearly 7yo daughter will absolutely love it and we will spend many a (frustrating!) hour playing together.

Thank you so much for sending the part.  My son loves this game and whilst he was making do without one part it is far better to have it full.  Thanks for your great service.

The Lonpos Challenge range has been enthusiastically embraced by the 'Brain Waves - Train Your Brain' seniors group.  Proof that all ages can enjoy playing the Lonpos Challenge range! This group meets once per month at Glen Waverley Anglican Church, Victoria.  Visit for further information about the group.
Train Your Brain

That is great!!!!  He is happy, says: "You found it? Wow!"  Thanks a lot, much appreciated. :-)

The Lonpos Compact Challenge I ordered arrived safely today. Thank you!  I will keep your website in my favourites for future unique gift purchases. We purchased the game for our 8 year old son in April and he is still getting lots of enjoyment (and frustration) from it!  This one is actually for one of his friends as a birthday gift, as my son loves his so much!

My Lonpos puzzzle arived today.  Thank you.  I already have the puzzle, which I love. Friends were so intrigued they wanted a game as well.
New Zealand

Thank you I have received the item yesterday and I am enjoying the challenges......not as easy as you think!

Your service was amazing and what a great product.

Puzzle received and already many hours wasted on it!  The grand kids are having fun too!  Maybe I'll get more before Christmas.