Lonpos 303 | Crazy Cone | Lonpos Australia


Lonpos 303 Crazy Cone is a great travel sized game and is rather addictive. It is played individually and suits any age from 6 years (3+ with supervision).  This is a great game for adults too ... especially for those 'hard to buy for' adults!

Arrange some of the 12 coloured pieces in the game plate according to your chosen challenge (the game includes a booklet that includes challenge at different levels of difficulty). You will be left with a space that needs to be completed by the pieces that remain.

  • Rearrange the remaining pieces until you fit them all into the game plate!  The more pieces you have to fit into the game plate, the harder the game.
  • If that's not challenging enough, try building a 3D pyramid with the pieces on the back of the game plate.  This gives your 3D thinking a real work-out!  Again, the degree of difficulty can be chosen by you!
  • There are 303 challenges to solve!
  • Use this game in the car, on a plane or to entertain the kids while you are at a restaurant. You won't want to put it down once you've begun!

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